Carnival Couture AGA 2019

Countdown to Grenada’s Carnival Monday

12 AUGUST 2019


The evolution of AGA Mas’

AGA is the initialism of André Garvey & Associates — synonymous with the highest quality masquerade design and production in Grenada.

For two decades, the brainchild and founder André Garvey has been the creative genius and costume designer of AGA Mas’.

Family and friends concede that André has always had that creative flair and natural ability to conceptualize and create outside of the norm and beyond the imagination of most. As a child, it was amazing to see his creations from his set of Lego blocks or how he would take simple objects to produce playthings and other abstract designs.

His passion for travel and being a qualified pilot, his love for high fashion, and openness to enjoying life, laid the foundation and influences this creative platform.

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